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Hi Suraj i am an investor trader can u guide me with agro tech foods fundamendal/tchnical analysis

This is my quick review on Agro tech foods

1. Firstly, the growth in revenues is really disappointing, if you see the revenues of last 5 years.... more or less it has been same.
2. Operating Profit Margins too are not worth cheering, more or less same around 7-8%
3.Although the company has significant market share and some good product launches in line but its past performance really doesn't excites me.
4. It has a decent ROE & ROCE as far as the edible oil industry is concerned, however currently trading around 43 times of EPS makes it worth ignoring.
5. Have a look at tangible assets of last 5 years, they have grown almost 4 times....a lot of cash being burnt without any significant impact in revenues due to expansion.
6. I prefer companies with good cash in their balance sheet....Agro tech unfortunately has negligible amount of cash.

Therefore precisely for the pupose of investing i won't recommend buying this stock as it is overvalued.


The Stock has currently moved above it 50 DMA & 200 DMA, if markets remain stable it can move a little higher but 554-560 range will act as a crucial resistance which i think will be a tough one to breach.

Thanks !!!

Sir ,can I buy angel at current price

Hello Raamanji

Please mention the full name of the script

Thanks !!!

Hello Suraj ,

What about Adity Birla Capital ? While looking in to their business/operations seems that this stock have super potential to be a multibager. What is your opinion ? Is that fine to start accumulating or SIP it ?

Thank you.

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Hi Suraj,
What's your take on Ballasore Alloys. Its Only on BSE.
Thanks in advance


Fundamentally speaking, the business has shown excellent growth in past and expected to continue its outperformance..... initially when it was listed, i found it bit expensive..... but post de-merger profit bookings have dragged it to decent levels.......currently it is consolidating well around 180.....patience is very much required on this counter....if you have a longer term horizon, it is one of the best bets.... all the best !!!


Balasore alloys, would say is a decent company.... good operating margins but has topline grown at CAGR of around 10 % (I would say not that great)....but debts are on a very lower side.....the company with revenues above 1000 Cr but market cap just around 800 Cr. and trading just 7.5 times of EPS makes it an undervalued company.

The stock has run up more than 50 percent in a month, a retracement can be seen very soon.....wait for some correction over here ....try to grab around 80....keeping its previous 52 week high 77.20 as SL

All the best !!!

Hi Suraj,
Thank you for youe view on Ballasore Alloys... I had already taken around 90 few days back. Now it is up and down between 80-90. I am sceptical whether to keep or sell by month end. If it will bounce back after a small fall. I can still keep it.

Hi Suraj,
I want to know about this company Cinevista. It was 10 Rs when I had bought a month back has rised till 25 lately. Now is coming down with no buyers. What is your recommendation on this stock. Good to keep for short term even with its current downfall.
Thanks in advance.

COnsolidation in range of 80-90 will make it stronger for further moves.... keep 77.20 as SL

Frankly speaking, fundamentally it is a garbage stock. I do not see any reason for such sharp moves, stock doubling in a year and revenues less than halved in past 5 years....It has been hitting Lcs with comparatively low volumes, indicating an opportunity to exit may be provided. Exit ASAP

Thank you foryour opinion on Cinevista. Trying to exit it.
What's your take on Oricon Ent. Is it a good buy for short term

For short term....it is overbought..........avoid !!!

Thank you for your suggestion. What's your view on Nitesh estates. Is it a good buy now ? Thanks in advance

garbage stock......no fundamentals at all....Nifty has doubled in last 5 years ....the stock has halved.....avoid !!!

Thank you for your suggestion again. What's your view on khaitan chemicals and pennar inds.
Thanks in advance

sorry for the late reply, we had some issues with commenting section, khaitan chemicals expensive as well as risky.....avoid !!!

What is ur view on gvk power ltd. Should I hold or sell??

GVK Looking good on charts, can hold for short term (1-2 Months) but not longer than that, it has nothing to offer on fundamental front.... so avoid investing for a longer term

Hi Suraj,
Can you give your views on Ballarpur Industries and Sundaram Multi Paper. Is it good to buy them for one year horizon ?
Thanks in advance

shahid i would recommend you to avoid these garbage stocks, a small correction in markets and these high debt loss making companies will flatter your portfolio..

Hi Suraj,thank you for your suggestion.
Can you give your views on BPL.

Very Expensive Valuations..... BPL is no longer a significant player now

What are your views on Rain Industries? will it cross 400 sooner (till feb)and head toward 500??

Rain Ind is very bullsih on charts, can head past 400 after some consolidation

Thanks, sir. do you have any multi-bagger idea?

What is your view on Sunil hi tech engineers Ltd??

Hi Suraj can you advise some stocks which can hold on for long term perspective


fundamentally a Decent company undervalued at current levels, but the trend is sideways, not expected to perform in near term

can look into AVT Natural Products, Manappuram or Allcargo logistics

whats your view on Aurion Pro sol, 20 microns, hcl info systems, onmobile, coffe day, bf utilities, ruchira papers and jaicorp. I have all these stocks as part of my portfolio...I can hold Aurion and BF utilities for a year if i get the decent return.

All looks good .... can hold all !!!

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