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Hi Suraj, I am very impressed with your analysis on Investment Stocks...Are they still good to Invest or would you recommend out some of them...Thanks.....Rangarajan

Hello Rangarajan... Ya I am positive on Pennar & Bhageria Industries, the coming 4-5 days may create an euphoria in the markets due to GST and there you can look for them at good discount.... Munjal Ind had already hit 30 percent plus so there is little to offer in short term... Thanks !!!

Hi Suraj ji, can you express your opinion on Uniply Industries...

Hello Ramesh Ji, If you are thinking of investing into this script, I won't recommend this stock, Reasons :
1. Very low EPS (around Rs 5), consecutively a higher P.E multiple.
2. Low operating profit margin (below 10 %)
3. Unattractive Debt-Equity Ratio
4. Book Value around Rs 25, trading at 300 plus (expensive)
5. Negative Cashflows during past 5 years
6. Sales around 150 cr and Market Cap around 700 Cr. (expensive)

The stock therefore is trading expensive as compared to its fundamentals, it may show good moves but it would only be a trap for the investors. I recommend buying companies with good fundamentals trading below their intrinsic value for optimum returns........... Thanks !!!

Hi Suraj Ji, the stock has indeed fallen after your advice. Also, please help me with Sankhya Infotech also. I am heavily invested in it at 55 levels.

Dear Ramesh Ji, Sankhya Infotech, I would say, is a better company, It has doubled its turnover in last 5 years. Although the operating profit margins aren't attractive but it has given a decent performance last year. At current levels it is undervalued (due to sectoral bearishness in IT we are facing) You can hold on....i dont think it will disappoint if held for longer term.....once things improve in IT sector, you will be surely rewarded.... It is my sincere advice not to invest heavily in a single script.......Thanks !!!

Hi Suraj,
This is Rakhi, i also worked in bank and read your recommendation, some of them are really good, some points missing which determine my investment.

i do investment based on 4 criteria,

Health, growth and value, if company is healthy(Debt Free or manageable debt) on growth track and coming at right price, your articles cover these 3 are, so you are good at that so keep it up.

one more key point is management, who are they, what is there track record etc, this also matters to me a lot, a good management can turn rash to diamond and its other way round also, i feel your articles don't have information for management.

assuming you would be also doing analysis on management, so if you give few lines about management also that will help the audience.

this is just a feedback overall your recommendation are too good, keep it up and all the best.

Some of scripts which i feel could be multibeggers are:
Bodal Chemical
Kirdhan Infra


Hi Rakhi

Thanks for the feedback !!!

I myself never overlook the management criteria, will be mentioning my views on that too in my upcoming articles

Thanks !!!

Hi suraj
What is your opinion for ongc and jindal worldwid?

Hi Vidit
ONGC is a decent debt free company which is into oil exploration sector, the company is one of the major beneficiary of rise in crude oil prices. However it is a slow moving stock, good if investing for a longer term.

Jindal worldwide although has been a consistent performer, is overvalued at current levels, the stock has scaled from 200 to 800 in past 12 months.

Thanks !!!

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