Suraj Choudhary

CA, B .Com

Hello Friends,

I am Suraj Choudhary, a Chartered Accountant by profession, currently working with one of the reputed Investment Banks. 

I Started my Journey into the stock markets back in 2012 and there was no looking back thereafter. It has been a wonderful journey from a novice trader to a Funda-techno analyst. Now, you may be wondering why have i combined both the diverse approaches to analyse the stocks ?? 

Well here's the answer :

Chartered Accountancy has always gave me an edge in understanding and interpreting financials of the companies operating in different sectors but during my initial days i performed poorly even after grabbing quality companies. One such example is Magma Fincorp Ltd. which i bought around Rs.80 and sold it in frusturation at Rs.91 after holding it for around 2 painful years. After a year the same stock scaled to a high of Rs.192. The similar thing haunted me several times until i started to read books on technical analysis as well, this was the time when i realised how ignoring  one factor i.e. Trend is hitting my portfolio very hard and that is something which made me come up with very unique style of analysing stocks, which i call as Funda-techno analysis.

When both the approaches are combined, not only it gives you a better accuracy while picking stocks, also it gives you faith and optimism to hold on your investments when markets turn crazy.

If said in one liner, "I go for fundamentally sound companies which are undervalued and are technically in an uptrend".

This approach has helped me identify stocks like LIC Housing Finance, Arrow Textiles, Manali Petrochemicals, Ashoka Buildcon etc which doubled within a year of my recommendation on MMB. Also, most of my recommendations on this blog are up by 30-50 percent in a span of less than 6 months. 

I started this blog with an intention to give more detailed insights of the investment ideas i share. I am not registered as an Investment Advisor nor do i wish to become. Also I do not offer any paid or premium services nor do i intend to do so in future. My passion drives me here and it is wonderful to share ideas, have discussions about the markets, stocks, economy and charts. I do not proclaim myself as a "Guru" or an "Expert". I am just one of the sincere student of the market who is always enthusiastic to learn something new about it everyday.

I also urge everyone to do their own research before investing in any stock. Being into stock markets is a self-learning process and you will surely earn good returns if you are not willing to gamble. Through this blog, I hope to reach a wider audience and make them aware of the uncertainties in the stock markets, so that everyone can make wiser investments with their hard-earned money.

Your Friend.

Suraj Choudhary