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Our first ever trading idea, PC Jewelers Ltd has scaled all the way from Rs.398 to Rs.480, delivering 21% returns in less than a month. Also, AVT Natural Products climbed from Rs.54 to the highs of Rs.62, delivering 15% returns in less than a month. Ruchira Papers has been sluggish but i remain bullish on it.

Also, one of our investment idea, Aurionpro Solutions recommended at Rs.135 has doubled in a year, delivering more than 110% returns in a year.

I believe trend in all our recommended stocks is intact, one may continue to ride the winners and hold on the stocks which haven't moved as of now.

Thanks !!!

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I have bought Aurionpro at 185, wanted to hold it till 2019. is it a good idea?

Ruchira Papers at 198, can hold till March end..will it give 10-15% by March?

Ya Aurionpro can be a good investment for a year, Ruchira Papers may show good moves in this month itself, keep SL of 190

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