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As you all know, since last 1 year, I have been sharing equity Investment Ideas. Out of  the 10 Ideas shared 9 have provided 30 percent plus returns in less than a year and i continue to remain bullish on all of them.

Markets move in phases and to get most out of it , it's always better to tune up yourself in line with markets. Indian equities are now into a phase where there are a very few highly undervalued companies left, this is now making stock picking really difficult. So I have come up with an altogether different approach, where i will be sharing "Trading Ideas". These will be short term recommendations, having potential of 15 percent plus up moves in less than 30 trading sessions.

Further the ideas shared will be from equity section only, derivatives being riskier. Since, Markets are volatile in a shorter term, I recommend traders to have stop losses as per their risk appetite.

Talking about the approach we will be following, we will be choosing stocks with positive technical breakouts but we will maintain a distance from the garbage stocks. One Peculiar thing about "Break-out Trading" is that we can identify a breakout but we can hardly talk about it's potential upmove. Some breakouts stocks move 10-15 percent, some do not move and rest may even double triple. I personally prefer to hold stocks during their upmove, say a stock priced at Rs. 100 moves 15%...that is 115.... I will keep 10%.....that is 110 as stop loss. The Moment it breaches 110, i switch to a different stock. Also, individuals can have their own strategies and trail their stop losses at frequent intervals. My task will be to share positive breakouts.

Money Making should never stop in  markets. Our first trading idea arriving soon, stay tuned.......


Disclaimer :  I am not registered with SEBI under the (Research Analyst) regulations 2014. Also, the ideas shared are my opinions based upon the data available in public domain, they should not be construed as research reports. My direct/indirect holdings in the shared ideas will be appropriately disclosed.

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