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Thank you for your recommendations sir. Sir I would like to know your view about Lt foods, sir my buy price is 70, I want to hold it for 3 years.The stock is already a multibaager and trading at high pe, sir can I add more at these levels. Thanks and regards sir and heartiest congrats for recognition of your blog.

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hanks abhishek ji, talking technically, the stock is in consolidation zone and is expected to move sideways in near term, although the business model is decent, still i would not recommend to add more because of its high dependency on short term borrowings, it deploys 70 percent of operating profit to pay Interest to the banks.....also such Interest payments results in negative cash flows......hold the existing, diversify the rest of funds !!!

Thank you Sir for your valuable advice.
Sir I have one income tax related query. Sir if the income from share market is the only source of income for a individual, and income is below 250000/- per year.,and from short term capital gain ( stocks sold within 12 months ).

Does the individual have still to pay income tax on short term capital gains or not as he doesn't come under tax slab.

Thanks and regards Sir.

No income tax need to be paid in this situation until STCG is below or equal to 2.5 lakh

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